New me 

The reson why I have chose to do a blog post about the new me is becuse I have chaneged my life for good and got rid of the people who are not so kind and force me and not other people. pexels-photo-351073.jpeg This wasn’t easy and it took a long time to sort stuff out what I didn’t like or want in my life any more and the reson to why it took me so long was becuse I had to deal with all my college tests and exam and all the other busy stuff I had going on in my life. Once I figerd out what I’d like to put more into and stuff I’d want to get rid off it kinda started to get easier. fb_img_1476563269479.jpg The stuff that  I am focusing more on now are things like collage and yes I focuse on college anyway I’m just puting lots more work in then  I’d normally do. I am also focusing on my own life and not other people I am also focuseing more on my blog and coming up with lots of new and fantastic blog posts for my readers and since I’ve been doing all this my life seems better in a good way for example the people who weren’t really my real friends or just seemed to come to me when it suits them are not in my life I still see them but just not as much. What I’m trying to say out of this blog post is be you and focus on you becuse at the end of the day everyone has a different life to live some will be great and others wont be as great. You need to focuse on your life and follow your dreams and for example my blog it wouldn’t be here if I didn’t post or put as much work in and if I didn’t put all the work and time.  I put in to this blog then you lot my readers wouldn’t of found my blog or even read it.