Almost the end of college

My first year at college I was learning about animal care and about how to look after them and what kind of things animals need what was lots of fun and I learnt so much on in my first year at collegepexels-photo-203237.jpeg My second year I learnt about animal care and animal management and their are  2 differences between the two. Animal care is about how to look after animals and stuff as I said and animal management is about animal care, animal welfare, how you manage animals and what you do to look after them. .pexels-photo-256491.jpeg

My third year I learnt about Animal management and got to learn way more things like vet care and different things for every animal and what kind of stuff they can eat. The 3 years that I have spent learning about animals has been amazing and I am so glad I got the place at the college and the more I learn about animals the more I learn about humans. All of the stuff that I have learnt has really helped for 2 reason and of those reasons is because I have of my own at home so knowing all of stuff that I have learnt really helps me look after them and the second reason is because I have a website called Animal Needs & Info and all the stuff I learn about at collage I put on to my site. Know that I can help animals just by understanding their behaviour or just doing the little things like give them love, feed them and play with them is a reward in its self.