1,537 blog followers 

When I started up my blog (Jack Deyes) I had no clue it was going to end up like this and I never thought I was going to have it for this long.

When I got 5 blog follwers on my blog I was so happy and I can’t believe it I was so so so happy and because my blog got noticed by some people I ended up doing more blog posts. I know I made a saying that I told everyone on Twitter about my new blog but it didn’t have the followers it dose today.

I never thought my blog would end up having 1,537 peppole following my blog like that crazy and the other thing as well about my blog is that I didn’t tell my family and friends my family kinda worked it out and my friends well I ended up having to tell because they found my twitter, Instagrame and Snapchat and all kept going why dose this say (blog/blogger) and well down to some of my friends finding out I kinda had to tell them why and they thought it was kinda cool and some of them even read my blog post now what is kinda cool.

6 thoughts on “1,537 blog followers 

  1. Congrats on the 1,537 blog followers keep up the fantastic work jack and your blog is amazing and so is your blog posts. You are my favourite blogger and I wish I could meet you one day that woud be amazing

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