To some people a home can be a number of diffrent things but to me its a place waer I can get my work done and yes I know to some people that sounds boring or dull but when you have a blog and unless you have office what is in like town or in a diffrent location then home is really the only place you can realy get your blog work done unless you go to a coffee shop or someting  Home is a place waer your amzing family live or waer your wonderful pets live and to some people home is a place waer you can relaxks or just do anything and the other things about a homes is that not every home is the same and that every home is diffrent what I kinda like the most. The place about hom is that you can all it mine not matter whatit is even if its a flat or just a homeboat its still a place someone calls home I know to some pepole this blog post is gointo souds odd or some thing but i/hope you all kinda understand wat I mean in this blog post