A littel update and one BIG thank you 

The last cuple of days I’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors and its been really nice taking some time off blogging and I know i’ve had some other work to do but I’ve been able to sort out what I do on what day and for how long. 


You may be thinking “Jack blogging not that hard” you’d be correct but blogging is one thing I try to put as much work into it as possible now that I am back blogging and filled with lots of new blogging ideas what will “make it on to my blog” and I know that you will love them now. I have been looking at diffrent blogs that are like mine to get some ideas of what kind of blog posts I can do.


 My best friend Amy who also has a blog has been helping me get some ideas as well and we are hoping to plan the blog post about me and amy going to the new forest but we will do that next time I am over her place. I will also be putting a blog post up on every (Saturday) and once I leave college I am hoping to be able to do more than one blog post a week. I woud also like to thank you all for the support and all the love you show on my blog posts I am over whelmed with how much you all like my blog. 


I am planing lots of stuff apart from blog posts to make my blog better not just for me but for you the reads becuse with out all of you taking some time out of your day to read my blog post my blog woud not be here today. Some of you may rember that my old blog jacksblog01 wasn’t that great at all so I had no choice but to shut that blog down and then after a year I chose to get back into blogging and the day I told you all on twitter that my new blog was up and ready for you all to see with lots of new blog pots you all just loved it and as I’ve said all ready thank you so very much


2 thoughts on “A littel update and one BIG thank you 

  1. Great to have you back blogging again and your welcome keep up the fantastic work jack you are doing really well on your blog and to see how far you have came keep it up jack

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