One thing I love the most are animals all ways have and all ways will and no matter what the animal is I will all ways love it even if I don’t like the animal I seem to all ways find a way to love them. I go to an animal care and welfare college wear I lean about all kind of things to do with animal’s such animal welfare, animal care, animal needs and lots lots more I also run and own a animal care and welfare advice called Animal Needs & Info

Animals are amazing not matter what they look like and do animals have a life and feelings just you and I and unfortunately some animal’s don’t all ways get the love need they need but thanks to places like RSPCA, Dogs Trust and other places like them animals are able to have a loving home and the care that they need. 

My favourite animals are rabbits, cats, and dogs I have also looked after sheep, cows, pigs, dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, hourses, donkeys and lots more

Sorry that this blog post is short and I hope you liked it :D🐕🐱

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