Womad 2016

Last year I went to the Womad festival with my loving family we had an amazing time watching all different types of music.

I was with my family but now and then I’d walked of just to go and see other things and different types of music what I really liked and one thing I loved about Womad is that everyone was so happy and it felt like it was never going to end. One thing I found strange was sleeping in a tent and the reason for is because the last I slept in a tent I was in year 7 and it didn’t really feel right sleeping in a tent then at Womad but it was all worth it. One thing what I loved  was I got up really early in the morning what was great because that ment the days where longer. On my 2nd night at Womad I dance with 2 Scottish people what was so much fun and they made part of my Womad amazing. You’re most probably thinking what’s Womad got to do with photography well quite a bit really and if you remember in this blog post I said that I got up early in the morning well that was a great time to take photos and the same in the evening.

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