5 Things I like 

​ I know to some of you this blog post won’t be as fun or interesting to you but I thought so you and my readers get to know a little bit more about me I’d do a blog post about “5” things I like so let’s get on with it!
  1. The first thing I like well not really like more love are rabbits and I think I love rabbits way to much but oh well. I use to have a rabbit called Domino’s who I loved very much he meant everything to me and I’d do what ever I possibly could do to make sure he had a happy and safe life. I know to some people this is going to sound crazy but he was more than a rabbit to me he was my best friend.                                           
  2. The second thing I like are saying and things like that and I don’t really know why I like them I just do for example my best friend has sayings and stuff in her house and I love it because some of them are happy and other are well crazy. For Christmas my mum got a book with sayings and stuff in what I love and its the best book ever.              
  3. As most of you know I love Poppy Deyes blog post and I’ve read most of her posts and Poppy is the reason why I got in to blogging. I also like Alfie Deyes also know as Pointlessblog who dose YouTube videos                                                                                          
  4.  The 4th thing I like is the outdoors and I spend most my week outside because I go to an outdoors college what is in the middle of no where and the views are amazing. The views go on and on and on.                                                                   .                                                 
  5. One place I like a lot is London I like how busy it is and how big London is I think it’s amazing I also like all of the places in London and all of shops. I also like that you are able to go on the London eye and see Big Ben