I’m back blogging 

When it was Christmas and New year I had blog posts planned for you all to read and the reason to why I did this is because I was taking 3 weeks off blogging because I had to go back to college. Now that I’ve done my first week at college and sorted everything out and getting back in to swing of things and everything back to normal I will be blogging again and this year I have mixed it up a bit and I can t wait for you all to see what I have planned and if you follow me on Twitter you will most probably find out what some of the blog posts are about.

I thought to make this blog post a bit more interesting and fun I thought I’d tell you what I did for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year. 

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve I was so excited for Christmas day I had Christmas songs playing over and over again and well that’s all I can remember about Christmas Eve but if I remember anything else about Christmas Eve I’ll make a blog post out of it 

Christmas Day

Christmas day was fantastic and I loved every single minute of it I had some lovely gifts and a fantastic Christmas dinner and some yummy Christmas pudding what I LOVE 

New Year 

Like everyone dose they stay up till 12:00am to welcome the new year and well go crazy or something well I did look forward to 2017 and the closer it got the more excited I was getting and being able to for get about all the bad things in 2016 and look forward and focus on 2017 and start a new. I’ve been trying to think for the last couple of weeks on what my new years resolution should be and to be honest I can’t think of one 

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