Thank you 

I have been a blogger for a very long time and I’m loving every single minute of it and the last couple of days have been amazing and that’s all thanks to you yes that right you and everyone who taken time from their day to read my blog and also to all the people who have followed me on Twitter and Instagram and people who have added me on SnapChat. I can’t believe how well my blog is doing and I can see this being my job in the future what I’d love to have as a job and to become a (Full-Time) blogger. This week I have helped some people with their blog and helped some people get in to setting up a blog up and I still can’t believe how far this journey has come and I’m so glad that you’ve been a part of it . I have had so many emails and Twitter messages from you telling me to keep up the fantastic work and it means a lot know that you all like reading my blog and you like the content I’m showing. This blogging thing has not been easy one bit and yes it’s been hard at times and you can go and ask any other blogger running a blog is not a walk in the park you have put time and effort into your blog post and trust me I’ve done it but it’s all been worth it in the end and to know you’re all happy makes me happy so once again thank you for all the support and a fantastic 2016 and I hope that 2017 is filled with more happiness and just to let you all know that I’m going to be working more on this blog in 2017 and continue are little journey together and I’d also like to say a BIG thanks to Poppy Deyes for getting me in to blogging and with out any further a do Merry Christmas and get ready for a Christmas blog on the 26th December 

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A little slideshow of the photos and things that have happened in 2016