Why and how I became a blogger

One day I went to see my best friends Amy who showed me a YouTuber called Alfie Deyes also know as PointlessBlog who dose Vlog’s of his ever day life. After a couple of months I watched Alfie Deyes Vlog and in that video he said that “his sister Poppy is also hear”and then after I watched that vlog I looked Poppy up on Google and it tuned out that Poppy has a blog. After a couple of weeks from reading Poppy Deyes blog I thought “I know I’m going to make one and see how it goes” and then after a month or so I made a blog called jacksblog01 what wasn’t that good and hardly got any views and then I  closed that blog down.  I emailed and message some people who did blogs and asked them what I can do to make my blog successfully and better and then once they all give me tips and advice on how I can make my blog successful and I have a lot to do with my blog and I’m still learning and I’m hoping to one day become a >Full-time Blogger< so then I can put all my time in to my blog and continue doing what I love. The reason why I chose to do a blog is because I like how you are free to say what you like and its you’re own little place on the internet. Other reason is because some people who are into reading blogs or are looking for some ideas on what their next blog post can be they can just Google someone blog post and find it and some people who read my blog have gone and made their own blog.
(Photos Are From Pexels.com)