What I like about Christmas 

 One thing I love the most is Christmas and that’s for a number of reasons such as you see everyone being happy and putting up Christmas lights on their house. The other thing I love about Christmas is that it’s a day where you spend it with you’re family and just enjoy the day and have a fantastic Christmas dinner and that you also get a couple of weeks off from school, College, Work. Christmas is such a magical time of the year filled with love and happiness the other thing I like about Christmas is seeing all the Christmas trees in the city centre and seeing them in people’s homes and all the Christmas decorations. For kids Christmas day is like the best time of year and I remember when I was a kid my mum and dad would say to me “Jack you need to go bed now because Santa Claus  is on his way”. I went to bed like they asked and the moment I got in to bed I just can’t  sleep at all and then once Christmas day arrived I got up and ran downstairs to open all my Christmas gifts. Christmas is just amazing and is filled with fun and so much happens.