Before we get in to what we need to do and plan for a blog posts you need choose what website platform your going to use to create your blog on and trust me their are a lot to choose from but out off the website platforms out there I like to use WordPress. I find it easy to make posts and easy to use and the app what WordPress have made and it also make blogging even more easy I think. You then need to make a name and a web address but before you do that think of one your going to like. As any other blogger will know you need to plan your blog posts and think of what name your going to give your blog post and what subject you’re then need to get photos for that blog posts and make you blog fun for your readers and you will also need to  date and time when you want your blog posts to go up. It’s also a good idea to set up a Twitter account so then your readers can stay up to date with you and your blog and you never know you may even get some new people reading and leaving comments on your blog post. Now be for you think your going to get loads of comments and views and so on well your not you need to work on your blog and get your blog out there and you will get people looking at your blog and so on but please remember that it can take weeks or even months but believe me it will all  pay off in the end. Ones your blogging you may want to at some point in the future become a full time blogger like Poppy Deyes and I really really want to become a full time blogger. If you like to see more bloggers that I like then please feel free to check out (Bloggers I Recommend) For any more information or questions about blogging please email me at or fill free to fill out the contact me form