A couple of weeks ago I went to Telegraph Woods what is a great place to go even if it’s just to spend some time on your own or going for a walk you can even take your dog’s for a walk

One thing I love about Telegraph Woods is that it’s so big and it fills like the woods are never going to end and out of all the places I love Telegraph Woods is definitely one of them. Every time I go down to Telegraph Woods I think to my self let’s do a blog post but I seem to all ways forget but not this time.

Luckily the weather was lovely and sunny what meant taking photos were going to be easy and it also meant that Telegraph Woods will definitely have birds out signing. Now I know this blog post isn’t that interesting to some of you but there is something about Telegraph Woods what I love and I’m still trying to find what that is. As I’ve already said the woods is so big it fills like the woods are never going to end and the woods are just wonderful and I would spend hours in Telegraph Woods if I could it’s one of these places where you know you’re going to spend most of your time. I sometimes go to Telegraph Woods in the morning what is lovely because you can see the sunlight going over Telegraph Woods and you even see some animals what is amazing

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